Monday, July 21, 2008


Things that are different and/or notable here in Buenos Aires:

1. No one eats peanut butter
2. People make out in the streets
3. Kids live with their parents well into their twenties (part of the reason for #2?)
4. Milk comes in pouches
5. Eggs are not refrigerated in stores
6. Not too many people clean up after their dogs
7. Kiosks display porno magazines prominently
8. You face-touch/cheek kiss when you greet people-even between guys
9. Everyone thinks Dulce de Leche is the greatest
10. They’re right, it is the greatest
11. The youth don’t just grind with each other on the dance-floor
12. People can and do drink at age 18
13. The sidewalk changes style with every house that you pass
14. Most people drive like drunken angry teenagers
15. People are way more open and ask you intense questions just after meeting you
16. They eat morcilla, “blood sausage,” and it’s delicious
17. Tons of people smoke
18. They make awesome milanesa
19. Mullets are in!
20. McDonalds’ drive-thrus are called AutoMacs
21. Dryers are not common-clothes are air dried and ironed
22. The vice-president is more popular than the president
23. Cars are smaller and all from European brands
24. Parties don’t really start going until 2 AM, and I’ve yet to witness the end of one.
25. Hand gestures are used with gusto
26. Bidets are in most bathrooms
27. House-keys are crazy and old looking
28. The wooden blinds work so well that you can sleep for an entire day and think it is night (helps with the recovery from #24)
29. Everyone wears shoes in the house
30. People speak Spanish!

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