Thursday, June 26, 2008

Che, boludo!

So the reason why I really haven't blogged at all is because there is so much to do here every day! If things were more boring, I promise I would spend more time on the computer. Plus because of my mas-o-menos internet working online is slow and I can't upload pictures without having my browser crash and erase everything I wrote.

I've had three days of clases so far, and they've been good. I've learned a lot about Argentina, including some of the crazy local slang. We have a pretty solid group of cool American kids in the program, its been lots of fun going out to lunch and "para tomar algo," even though we unfortunately always end up talking in English when we're together.

On wednesday we all went on a boat tour of La Tigre, a very cool area of El Rio de La Plata. Today after class a group went to el centro de Buenos Aires to see the mothers of "los desaparecidos" protest. I left a little later, so I missed seeing "Las Madres" but I did get to check out a few of the plazas (San Martin and De Mayo) and see some really cool buildings like the Casa Rosada and many others near the Plaza de Mayo. After looking at a lot of these buildings, I realized that the architecture of Buenos Aires would be a very cool topic for my independent research project. I definitely think this is what I will be doing because my host sister is also studying architecture, which means I have a perfect guide and reference for the topic right in mi casa.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First few days

I arrived in Buenos Aires early yesterday, and spent the day getting to know my family. We went to el rio de la plata, which, I was informed, is the widest river in the world. It was absolutely beautiful and I saw a lot of windsurfers and boats out on it. Then we went to the supermercado where we navigated through thousands of people to buy me a cellphone. My family is terrific; very generous and helpful with everything. And the food here is delicious, I think i have already eaten a pound of dulce de leche...

Today I woke up at the crack of noon (jet lag..) and my host parents showed me how to get to school by taking a collectivo (bus), then train. It's pretty simple and I can't wait to start going to clases tomorrow. I realized yesterday that my spanish is terrible, and I really want to improve it. I'm already having a great time here and I can't wait to experience more!