Sunday, June 22, 2008

First few days

I arrived in Buenos Aires early yesterday, and spent the day getting to know my family. We went to el rio de la plata, which, I was informed, is the widest river in the world. It was absolutely beautiful and I saw a lot of windsurfers and boats out on it. Then we went to the supermercado where we navigated through thousands of people to buy me a cellphone. My family is terrific; very generous and helpful with everything. And the food here is delicious, I think i have already eaten a pound of dulce de leche...

Today I woke up at the crack of noon (jet lag..) and my host parents showed me how to get to school by taking a collectivo (bus), then train. It's pretty simple and I can't wait to start going to clases tomorrow. I realized yesterday that my spanish is terrible, and I really want to improve it. I'm already having a great time here and I can't wait to experience more!

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